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Risk Insurance

Unfortunately most Australians are underinsured and their families would suffer considerable financial stress in the event of their death or disability.

In fact, for a normal healthy person, the chance of dying tomorrow is very low - whereas the chance of being temporarily or permanently disabled are much, much higher. Also, the financial implications of a permanent disability and loss of earnings capacity can be far greater than death.

You can think of the various types of insurance (Life, Trauma, Disability and Income Protection) as a medieval knight would his armour (helmet, shield, chest plate, gloves etc). If you were a knight going into battle with a helmet but no shield you would feel unprotected. Going about our lives with Life cover but no Disability cover is essentially walking around with gaps in our armour. 

Most people have some life cover via their super fund however they have not fully considered the implications of events other than death such as loss of income and how much cover is actually required. We can assist you to assess what types and amounts of cover are required and sources quotes from a number of providers for you to consider.

While insurance is important for everyone, for Self Employed people, especially those in partnership, it is vital to have these issues addressed via a Business Will. The last thing most people would want is to lose a business partner and find themsleves having to run a business alongside their deceased partners spouse or family.

Some facts

  • 50,000 Australians have a heart attack each year
  • one third of women and one quarter of men will have cancer at some time in their life - and over 60% of those will live longer than 5 years after diagnosis
  • there is a one in three chance you will need to be off work for 3 months or longer due to illness or injury before you reach age 65.

 Follow the link to watch a video that show the impact of Trauma and how appropriate cover can assist. 

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