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Wealth Creation

Regular Savings Plans - this is an excellent way for people to get a start in investments. We would generally use Managed Funds for this purpose as they provide the flexibility to start saving for your future with a little as $1,000 plus $100 per month. We have many clients who commenced in this way and now have significant portfolios - and continue to apply the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy.

Gearing - if you are comfortable with smaller investments, some clients will consider gearing. In the same way that you borrow to buy a home, you can borrow (gear) to buy investments. The result is that you are able to hold a larger portfolio than you would otherwise have been able to afford. Gearing increases your potential returns but also increases the risks of investing - so it is not for everyone and should be assessed very carefully.

Budgeting Advice - some people have never prepared a budget in their lives and are extremely successful, however there are many more who would probably be far wealthier if they spent a little time in this area. Budgeting does not have to be about controlling every dollar that comes in and out of a household or about holding your partner to account. We prefer to focus on the age old rule of putting aside 10% of what you earn. If you can put funds aside and live on the rest - rather than live on your income and save what is left (often nothing) you are almost guaranteed to be wealthy.

Debt Management - many people these days have heard the terms 'good debt' and 'bad debt' but are a little unsure of what they mean exactly. We can walk through your various loans and provide general advice about the best way to reduce your overall debt as fast as possible.

Salary Packaging - this is where you request your employer pay you a reduced salary in exchange for receiving other benefits. You can salary sacrifice for Super Contributions, vehicle expenses and depending on your occupation and employer, Home Loan payments, living costs and many other expenses. Salary Packaging is effective because you are not taxed on the funds that you do not receive. For some alternative benefits, Fringe Benefits Tax can be levied, so care is required.

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