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Why Choose Us

Our business is built around the concept of professional advisers working together to achieve outstanding outcomes for you.

We know from experience that people place enormous faith in their accountants. We also know that good investment returns, can be easily undone by sloppy structuring which leads to excessive tax being paid.

Our process involves

  • initial discussions with you
  • a briefing from your accountant on your business and any particular tax issues
  • preparation of proposed strategies and a discussion with your accountant followed by
  • presentation of formalised strategies and investment advice to you.


This is easy to do when dealing with clients of our formal accounting partners whom we work alongside. However we believe in following the same process for all clients where possible.

We also have close relationships with other professional firms who are specialists in Finance Broking and Estate Planning.

Keeping it simple!

Planning for the future doesn’t have to be complicated. Boiled down, our job is to find out where you are at, find out where you want to get to and see whether you are on track.

If you are not yet going to hit your targets, we’ll give you recommendations to help you shift course and get there.

If you are on track the focus can be on making sure things are done in the most effective way - with less tax, less risk and less volatility.

When it comes to investment products there isn't much that hasn't already been done. Often "the latest" thing or "structured investments" are costly, overworked versions of simple existing options.

We do like to be progressive with our strategy recommendations and at the forefront of our field, however we balance this with rigorous research and consultation with professional bodies. We don't believe you should accept advice if you don’t understand it so our focus is always on talking plain english rather than industry jargon and using analogies and diagrams that let you see exactly what we are recommending.

Should you have any further questions please click here to email us.

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